Iranian embassy condemns fake news about Muslims’ holy sites in Syria

by MCR Correspondent

The Iranian embassy in Pakistan has condemned the fake news about the destruction of the Muslims’ holy sites.

Why disclosing this in a statement released by the embassy on Saturday May 30, 2020, it urged Muslims to remain vigilant about such evil plots.

The embassy stated that it was a heinous crime planned by the enemies of Islam, especially the international Zionism, stressing that its purpose is to divide the followers of Islam.

“The Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran considers the news of the destruction of the holy shrines of the Sunnis in Syria and its connection to the Islamic Republic as a vicious scenario and a pre-planned conspiracy, and strongly rejects it,” the statement reads.

It stated that the publication of such fake news was aimed at creating divisions among the followers of Islamic sects and provoking public opinions, feelings and emotions that only benefits the international Zionism and enemies of the Muslim world.

“It is emphasized that any disrespect to the graves of the deceased and historical sites has no place in the school of Islam,” the statement adds.

It added that the perpetrators of the crime did not have a correct understanding of this heavenly religion and must be held accountable before Almighty Allah.

“All journalists and members of the media are urged to refrain from spreading any rumors, based on their responsibility to provide professional information,” it concludes.

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