Russia condemns US withdrawal from nuclear deal

by MCR Correspondent

The Russian government has condemned the attitude of the United States to nuclear agreement.

This was disclosed on Friday May 29, 2020, by the Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova.

She described the behavior of the United States regarding withdrawal from the nuclear agreement as ‘very worrying’.

At an online conference at the Diplomatic Club in Moscow, where she answered questions from journalists and her video was posted on YouTube, Maria Zakharova stated that the United States withdrew from international agreements, including the nuclear agreement, and described the move as “disturbing”.

“It leads to chaos in the field of international relations, especially in ensuring strategic stability,” she said.

Zakharova stated that the United States illegally withdrew from the Comprehensive Joint Action Plan (nuclear agreement) on Iran’s nuclear program.

“The American administration announced that this agreement is no longer beneficial to the United States and does not consider this deal appropriate and worthy of it.

“For us, we are very concerned and could turn into chaos, especially in the field of international security,” she added.

Iran and the major powers reached a historic agreement in July 2015, as Iran reduced its nuclear activities in exchange for the abolition of the embargo, but in May 2018 Trump withdrew unilaterally from the agreement and reimposed the sanctions.

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