South Africa launches black Friday campaign in solidarity with George Floyd

by MCR Correspondent

South Africa’s governing party has announced the launching of a “Black Friday” campaign in response to the “heinous murder” of George Floyd and “institutionalised racism” in the United States.

This was disclosed in a statement on Friday June 5, 2020, by the African National Congress.

The Congress stated that President Cyril Ramaphosa would address Africans at the launch of the campaign this evening.

It urged people to begin to wear black on Fridays in solidarity.

According to ANC, the campaign is also meant to highlight deaths by citizens at the hands of security forces in South Africa, which remains one of the world’s most unequal countries a quarter-century after the end of the racist system of apartheid.

“The demon of racism remains a blight on the soul of our nation,” the ANC statement said.

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