Police arrest, arraign white couple for threatening Black family with gun in Michigan

by Akeem Alao

A white couple in the US has been charged after one of them was captured on video pulling a gun on a Black woman and her daughters in a restaurant car park in Michigan.

The couple, Jillian Wuestenberg, 32, and Eric Wuestenberg, 42, were arrested after the confrontation on Wednesday July 1, 2020.

“They have been charged with felonious assault, Oakland County Prosecutor, Jessica Cooper,” said.

He added the couple was later arraigned and were free on a $50,000 personal bond.

As a condition of the bond they must turn over all firearms, not engage in “assaultive behavior” and not leave Michigan, Sheriff Michael Bouchard said in a statement.

It was reported that the couple is from Independence Township and both have concealed pistol licences.

The incident comes amid a movement for racial justice in the US following the police-killing of George Floyd in Minnesota in May that has seen protests across the country.

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