Covid-19: Desperate family leaves coffin on street in protest of burying difficulty

by Muizat Hameed

In Bolivia, a desperate family has left the coffin of a victim of coronavirus on the street for several hours after attempts to bury him proved abortive.

Neighbor Remberto Arnez said the 62-year-old man died yesterday and his body had been in his home ever since, “but that’s risky because of the possible contagion.”

After a few hours, funeral workers showed up and took the coffin to a cemetery.

Police Col. Iván Rojas told a news conference that the city is collecting “about 17 bodies a day. This is collapsing the police personnel and funeral workers” in the city of some 630,000 people.

“The crematorium oven is small and that is where the bodies are collecting,” said national Labor Minister Óscar Mercado.

The Andean nation has reported 36,818 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 1,320 deaths.

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