Rocket targets U.S Embassy, damages home, injures child

by Abdulmumeen S. Yitta

The Iraqi military said on Sunday that a child was injured in a residential house struck by a rocket that targeted Baghdad’s fortified Green Zone where the U.S. Embassy is based.

A military statement disclosed that the house was damaged and the child sustained injuries to the head as the rocket, launched late Saturday from Baghdad’s area of Ali Al-Saleh, landed next to a residential house near a local TV channel.

According to Iraqi officials who spoke on condition of anonymity, the recent series of rocket attacks hit close to the U.S Embassy targeting American troops.
It was said that an operational C-RAM air defense system recently installed in the embassy attempted to interrupt the rocket on Saturday.

In a similar case, it was said that Iraqi security forces foiled another rocket attack aimed at Camp Taji in Umm al-Azam north of Baghdad’s, a base used by the U.S.-led coalition forces
The Camp Taji witnessed a series of rocket attacks in March leading to death of two Americans and one British soldier.

The U.S believes a militia backed by Iran is behind the series of attack and it has severely criticized Iraqi government for not being able to stop the groups from carrying out further attacks.
Mustafa al-Kadhimi , Iraqi Prime Minister has consequently promised to prevent future attacks on US installations.

Last week, in a raid by Iraqi security forces on Kataib Hezbollah, an Iran-backed paramilitary group, fourteen men suspected to have hands in the attacks on Green Zone were detained. Except for one of the fourteen detainees, 13 were later released.

Late Saturday, the U.S embassy commenced testing the new air defense system and it has been met with criticism from Hassan al-Kaabi, the Iraqi Parliament Deputy Speaker who called the move illegal saying it is capable of provoking the people of Iraq.
He therefore urged the government to take necessary action to prevent such move from gathering momentum.

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