New Yorkers hold peaceful protest to condemn Districts 79, 87 Assembly electoral fraud

by MCR Correspondent

A large number of New Yorkers have gathered at 1780 Grand Concourse Avenue Bronx, NY to condemn Districts 79th and 87th Assembly electoral fraud.

The protesters carried placards to demand justice over the missing of the names of some candidates in the last election in New York.

The peaceful demonstration which was held on Wednesday July 8, 2020, was in relation to a current case in which there has been an unfortunate bias relating to the candidates: Ahmadou Diallo, Joselin Mejia, and Mohammed Mujumder.

While disclosing this in a statement, the coordinator of the demonstration, Madame Saran Sow, stated that, “Although there is a pending case, your presence is necessary.”

She added that with the hearing scheduled in the upcoming weeks, there had been a halt on the
true results relevant to the results for the votes administered towards the candidates referenced which affects the 79th Assembly District and the 87th Assembly District.

Some of the protesters

“All of the details pertaining to the case aren’t to be stated in this press release due to the legality of the matter,” Sow said.

“However, rest assured there is a grand quantity of votes which haven’t been accounted due to the Board of Election limiting the opportunity of the above referenced candidates that all happen to be US Citizens born as Immigrants,” she added.

“We are currently in a course of history where one’s culture is limiting their opportunity.

“Your peaceful presence in our pacified demonstration additional to the ongoing case will assist in a bright future,” she concluded.

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