Ennahda official advises Tunisia’s PM to resign

by Muizat Hameed

The head of the Shura Council of Tunisia’s Ennahda Party has advised Prime Minister Elyas Al-Fakhfakh to resign.

The leader of the Muslim Democratic Party, Abdul Karim Al-Harouni, gave this advice on local radio station Express FM on Thursday July 9, 2020.

He pointed out that Ennahda had tried to persuade Al-Fakhfakh to develop the government but the Prime Minister was sticking to the current structure.

Al-Harouni explained that “Ennahda supported Al-Fakhfakh and persevered in its choices and dialogue to persuade him to change, but he is apparently not ready to expand the government.”

The official refused to give the final position of Ennahda vis-a-vis the government before the next session of the Shura Council, the date of which will be disclosed later.

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