NRFF partners UK Rugby Outreach to provide fitness, strength, others

by Muizat Hameed

The Nigeria Rugby Football Federation, NRRF, has announced its partnership with Rugby Outreach in the United Kingdom.

The partnership which was announced on Monday July 13, 2020, aims to provide Rugby fitness, strength and conditioning advice to local teams across Nigeria.

Abubakar Yaro, the Technical Director of NRFF, said that the partnership hoped to help local teams across the country improve their fitness and conditioning required in the game.

He explained that The Rugby Outreach Project is a global charity that provides Rugby fitness, strength and conditioning advice.

“The project operates on every rugby playing continent and assists teams from the grassroots level all the way up to international. This includes Union, League and 7s Rugby,” Yaro said

He continued that “Teams can receive free training programs that focus on areas such as speed, power development, strength and endurance, all focused specifically for rugby.”

Yaro further explained that the programs that make up the project are designed to fit into the requirements and needs of the team in question.

Therefore, irrespective of the location, available equipment or kit, teams can increase their physical development.

Andy Lockwood, the founder of Rugby Outreach has over 20 years experience in coaching sport and Strength & Conditioning and has spent two seasons with Bath Rugby Academy as a coach intern and has coached age grade to adult rugby.

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