Nigeria: Kano Assembly enacts castration as punishment for rape

by Muizat Hameed

The Kano State House of Assembly has, without opposition, consented to the review and amendment of the State’s Penal Code (No.12), Law of 2014 to enact castration as punishment for rape.

A member of the state house of Assembly, Nuraddeen Alhassan (APC-Rano), moved a motion which sought for the review of the law on Thursday July 16, 2020.

Mr Alhassan reflected that a 14 year jail punishment for rapists does not equal the atrocity made, thus a harsher punishment should be enacted.

Mr Alhassan said, “Therefore, I am calling on the House to recall the law and amend it, to provide castration punishment for rapists.I believe this is the only measure to be taken to end the rampant cases of rape in our society, as it is so worrisome.”

He further appealed that the House should look into the security issues,”so as to strengthen their efforts in tackling the rape cases in the state.”

He also noted that, if parents and guardians can stop their wards from hawking, there will be a reduction in the menace.

He said, “Most of the rapists used such hawking opportunity to lure the children to rape them, especially at the construction sites or abandoned buildings.”

The entire house of Assembly unanimously adopted the motion and ordered a recall of the law, after necessary deliberations were made.

The Assembly also called on the government to, as a matter of urgency, look into the issue of abandoned or uncompleted buildings in the state.

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