US: Reported 70,000 daily coronavirus cases spark nationwide debates

by Maruf Adedeji

The United States on Friday 17 July, 2020 reported over 70,674 new coronavirus cases following a record of 77,499 cases the previous day.

The recent reported cases across the US make it the world’s largest increase ever posted by any country, so far.

The US reported 912 deaths from the coronavirus on Friday July, 2020, while the pandemic has also caused over 900 fatalities within the last four days.

Meanwhile, Americans have continued to debate over mask mandates and the reopening of schools amid coronavirus pandemic as state and local officials imposed conflicting orders.

Georgia’s governor Brian Kemp sued Atlanta’s mayor in his attempt to stop the complusory use of masks.

In-person and remote instruction combination is the plan of Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot for the country’s third largest school district.

The teachers union, however, wants remote learning only, different from the Mayor Lori’s plan.

Americans have become divided along political lines over mask orders, with conservatives more likely than liberals to call the rules and violation of their constitutional rights.

“Everyone saying that (wearing a mask) is a violation of their freedom – no, it’s not. Because a seatbelt is mandated and that’s to save your life,” said Sharon Taylor, 48, a cardiothoracic nurse in Atlanta.

The US Local officials have announced different teaching plans as the country prepares to resume schools.

The United States has been recording about 60,000 cases on average per day in July, while cases are on increase in 41 states.

President Donald Trump is advocating for a return to normal due to economic reasons and saying he did not believe in implementing a national mask mandate.

As it stands, the US is reported to have recorded 3,770,138 cases and 142,065 deaths from the coronavirus pandemic.

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