USGS warns against impending Tsunami as earthquake hits off-shore Alaska

by Muizat Hameed

The United States Geological Survey has issued a warning of an impending Tsunami in coastal areas after an earthquake of 7.8 magnitude with a depth of 10km struck 100km offshore of Alaska.

The earthquake which reportedly struck at approximately 06:12:42 (UTC) raised an alarm over hazardous waves due to strike coastal communities from Sand Point to Kodiak and Cold Bay.

Eyewitness from Homer, describing the earthquake said, “Bed and curtains were going. Felt like a very long quake!”

“Felt very dizzy,” wrote another in Vancouver.

USGS has thus advised residents to evacuate to higher grounds or move to upper floors of their buildings as a act of precaution.

They were also warned to avoid the coast and shoreline until notice of its safety is announced.

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