Germany to mandate coronavirus testing for holidaymakers as infections surge

by MCR Correspondent

German Health Minister, Jens Spahn has disclosed that Germany would introduce compulsory coronavirus testing for holidaymakers returning from hard-hit places from around the world as the cases of coronavirus infections surge in the country.

While speaking on the Deutschlandfunk radio on Saturday July 25, 2020, Spahn said the government was determined to employ every possible measure to prevent spread of the virus in the country.

He added that courts would consider all measures in relation to fundamental rights of the citizens.

“We are also checking whether it is legally possible to oblige someone to do a test, because it would be an encroachment on freedom,” said Spahn.

The government’s determination to wage a harder war against the pandemic is a doubled up effort in addition to its extensive measure such as intensive testing that has helped the country best curtail spread of the pandemic.

According to the minister, people arriving from countries such as United States, Brazil and Turkey, which are high-risk countries, would have to undergo test right upon arrival, while others from.

He said that if any of the tests turns out negative, they would not observe mandatory 140-day quarantine.

But there would be a three-day interval from the day of arrival before people from other countries get tested.

As of Saturday, Germany has recorded over 781 new Covid-19 infections bringing the total number of infections to about 206,182 cases, with over 10 more deaths on Saturday bringing country’s death toll to 9,201. About 19,400 have so far recovered.

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