Muslim niqabi defies odd, establishes shoe factory

by Muizat Hameed

A Nigerian veil user has taken to making designer footwear after several futile attempts to be gainfully employed

The 31-year-old Amina Adegoke graduated as a food tech scientist but could not practice because of the state of unemployment in the country.

She, rather than stay idle, apprenticed her to a footwear industry, where regardless of the challenges and odds attached, excelled and became her own boss.

In an interview with MCR correspondent, she said she chose shoe making because she has always loved crafts and “would like to be a model for other covered sisters.”

“Your hijab or Niqob should not be an hindrance to your desires,” she said.

Amina added that she faced little challenges but was about to overcome all by becoming successful.

She said, “It’s funny how people look down on me at first, because I am a niqobi, but after seeing my craft work, they get overwhelmed.”

Amina who also makes modest wear and bags said she couldn’t have achieved her feats without the support of her husband.

“He has always been supportive because we do things together and he guides me when I’m working,” she said.

Amina hopes to be well known across the country and have her own crest leather store and an e-commerce site later in the future.

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