China warns against ban of business interest in India’s market

by Abdulmumeen S. Yitta

China has warned that the recent move by India to ban China’s business interest in India’s market would only leave the two nations wobble in loss.

Following a Himalayan border clash last month, India has been making a move to sideline China’s business interest in India’s market as the two countries are still horn-locked in the border conflict.

Speaking about the move on Thursday July 30, 2020, Sun Weidong, the Chinese ambassador said that the two nations could not live independent of each other because their economy is interwoven. He added that China is not a strategic threat to India.

Weidong stated that attempt to decouple China’s economy from India’s would impact both countries economically as he said that “general structure that we can’t live without each other remains unchanged”.

Declaring on his Tweeter handle, Sun Weidong stated that China is not willing to severe economic ties with India but instead favors cooperation between the two countries.

“China advocates win-win cooperation and opposes a zero-sum game,” Weidong twitted.

“Our economies are highly complementary, interwoven and interdependent. Forced decoupling is against the trend and will only lead to a ‘lose-lose’ outcome,” added Weidong.

Following the the Galwan Valley border clash on July 15 in India’s region of Ladakh, there have been several talks between officials of the two countries to deescalate tensions as troops endlessly keep to engage each other on the border.

However, the loads of talks over the border clash have yet to yield intended results as Indian officials have insisted that presence of Chinese troops on the border in the India’s western region is an intrusion.

The officials added that Chinese troop have refused to withdraw despites the talks. Although, Chinese officials said China did not breach the disputed border with its presence and has therefore asked India to hold back its frontline troops.

China-India border clash has left some analysts focusing their lens on the possible direction of events should the standoff continues for long.

Some analysts have envisaged that the fight between the two countries could strategically or trade-wise tilt India closer to the side of the United Stated.

Border clash between the two countries has a long history as far back as 1962 which marked a time of a brief border war between China and India.

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