Dubai arrests dangerous British gang leader, extradited to UK

by Muizat Hameed

Dubai interpol has arrested a British gang leader accused of drug and weapons trafficking and he has been extradited to the United Kingdom.

The 38 year old ringleader of the notorious ‘Colin Gunn’ gang and whom has been labeled dangerous was arrested under a red notice put out by the interpol.

Craig Martin Moran was tracked down using artificial intelligence and was put under close surveillance before he was finally apprehended.

“The latest artificial intelligence technology was used to locate the suspect then his movements were closely observed for a few days before he was arrested,” Assistant Commander of criminal investigation affairs of the Dubai police, Major General Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansour said.

Police then made the arrest as Moran was leaving his Dubai residence in a car.

“He was inside his car after his Dubai residence when the force team members raided his car and were able to control and arrest him,” Dubai’s Criminal Investigation Department chief, Jamal Al-Jalaf, said.

Moran has a long history of involvement in criminal activity and spent 13 years in jail for his part in an armed robbery of a jewellery store where a 64-year-old member of staff was killed, in the northern British city of Nottingham, in 2003.

The British gang leader has also been arrested for trafficking millions of pounds worth of drugs and was released last year after serving his sentence.

British police have reportedly thanked their Dubai counterpart for Moran’s swift arrest, referral to the Dubai public prosecution and subsequent extradition to the UK authorities.

“The British authorities thanked Dubai Police General Command for the rapid arrest of the Colin Gunn gang leader and for the professionalism and co-ordination with Interpol and noted that the suspect is considered dangerous [and a threat to] the security of British society,” Dubai police said.

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