China’s U.S convoy debunks interest in China-US tension rise

by MCR Correspondent

The Chinese ambassador to the U.S., Cui Tiankai has said that China is not interested in seeing the tension between the two nations rise following what could be interpreted as retaliatory closure of consulate in recent week.

At the Aspen Security Forum on Tuesday August 4, 2020, Cui said the two world’s economy powers should work towards strengthening their economic ties through cooperation.

He added that they should avoid confrontation with each other which could potentially intensify the ongoing tensions between Beijing and Washington.

Cui, in his address, further refuted the allegations that China was spying on the U.S through its consulate in Houston that was shut down in July by the U.S government.

“I don’t think a new Cold War would serve anybody’s interest,” Cui said. “Why should we allow history to repeat … when we are faced with so many new challenges?” Cui said.

However closure of China’s Houston consulate has attracted criticism from among critics of the U.S recent move on China as many have said that shutting down the consulate was an attempt to blame China for the U.S failure ahead of President Trump’s November reelection campaign.

As the November election draws near, the two presidential candidates, the Republican Mr. Trump and Democratic Joe Biden have exhibited tendency to appear tough in Washington’s dealings with China as their election campaign.

Recently, tensions between the U.S and China ties have risen bordering largely around issues such as China’s clampdown on Hong Kong, coronavirus, China’s territorial claims in the South China Sea, among others.

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