Ex-Israel MK declares Beirut blast as gift from God

by Muizat Hameed

A former Israeli member of the Knesset, Moshe Feiglin, has hailed the Beirut’s explosion as a “gift from God” in time for the Jewish festival Tu B’av.

While disclosing this on his Facebook page on Thursday August 6, 2020, he wrote that “Today is Tu B’Av, a day of joy, and a true and huge thank you to God and all the geniuses and heroes who organized for us this wonderful celebration in honor of the day of love.”

Feiglin said that the explosion was no accident, claiming he had “experience” in explosives.

He said, “You don’t really believe that this was some messy fuel warehouse, yeah? Do you understand that this hell was supposed to fall on us as a rain of missiles?! I have some experience with explosives. The largest explosion I took part in was 2.5 tons of TNT.”

He added that “What we saw at the Port of Beirut was much bigger. The destructive effect (without the radiation) was like a nuclear bomb.”

In an interview with local radio, the former Likud MK said he hoped Israel was responsible for the blast, and that he was allowed to “rejoice” that it was Beirut and not Tel Aviv.

He said, “If it was us, and I hope it was us, then we should be proud of it, and with that we will create a balance of terror. By avoiding saying it’s us – we are putting ourselves on the dark side of morality.”

He continued that “We are all allowed to rejoice that it exploded in the port of Beirut and not in Tel Aviv.”

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Stephen Ditmore August 8, 2020 - 5:34 pm

This guy does not speak for Jews any more than Boko Haram speaks for Muslims. OK to report on crazies every once-in-a-while, but please be careful, my friend, not to leave inaccurate impressions. My own view is that, no matter how much tension there is between Labanon and Israel/Palestine, the futures of these nation’s are deeply intertwined.


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