Ex-official accuses Saudi Crown Prince of assassination plot

by Maruf Adedeji

Former senior Saudi intelligence official, Saad Aljabri, has alleged in a US law suit that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman attempted to kill him in 2018.

Aljabri filed a lawsuit against the Saudi prince and other Saudi officials in the United States, accusing that the Saudi state had a secret plan targeted at high-ranking officials in Canada due to their seeming threat against Prince Mohammed’s relationship with the US and his eventual ascendency to power.

The complaints include some shocking and unconfirmed details about the Prince who allegedly targeted Aljabri and revealed that a team of Saudi assassins were sent to Canada to kidnap him just two days after the killing of Saudi-born Jamal Khashoggi, who worked as a Washington Post journalist.

Aljabri worked as an intelligence official and has received praises for keeping westerners safe amid the threat of al-Qaida, including a plot against synagogues in Chicago and one involving a plan to blow up two US-bound cargo planes.

The complaint also said that Prince Mohammed sent “explicit death threat” messages to Aljabri through WhatsApp, the popular messaging app.

The law suit claimed that some men known to be assassins from Tiger Squad of Crown Prince were on a mission to kill Aljabri when they entered Canada on tourist visas around mid-October, 2018.

Canadian authorities found a photograph of the men together, proving they knew each other, after they attempted to enter Canada through different entries, the complaint alleges.

The Canadian government said it was aware of incidents in which foreign actors have attempted to monitor, intimidate or threaten Canadians and those living in Canada, but it would not tolerate foreign actors threatening Canada’s national security or safety of its citizens and residents.

An official from Saudi embassy in Washington did respond immediately to a request for comment.

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