Lebanese sign petition for imposition of French mandate

by Muizat Hameed

About 60,000 people of Lebanon have signed a petition which calls that their country be placed under a French mandate for the next 10 years.

The petition calls for the imposition of a French mandate as a result of the current political and economic crises, blamed on the government.

The petition stated that “Lebanon’s officials have clearly shown a total inability to secure and manage the country.”

“With a failing system, corruption, terrorism and militia the country just reached its last breath.

“We believe Lebanon should go back under the French mandate in order to establish a clean and durable governance,” the petition added.

The appeal began after French President Emmanuel Macron visited Beirut yesterday and strolled along probably the most harmed lanes near the site of the blast. He was joined by his Lebanese partner, Michel Aoun.

Several individuals accumulated to welcome the French president, upbraid the legislature and beg Macron to send help legitimately to NGOs, for example, the Lebanese Red Cross instead of through government officials, who they accept are degenerate.

Fights in downtown Beirut saw demonstrators conflict with security powers while approaching the legislature to leave.

Lebanon is suffering from its worst economic crisis in the country’s history and is struggling to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

For some Lebanese, Tuesday’s blast was the issue that is finally too much to bear. At the point when 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate exploded — having been put away hazardously in Beirut’s port for a long time — the impact crushed the city, killing in any event 145 individuals and harming thousands more.

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