Yemen official detained in Cairo airport for possession of over $1m

by Muizat Hameed

Ali Al-Nuaimi, a high-ranking official in the internationally-recognised Yemeni government has been detained at Cairo International Airport for allegedly in possession of over $1 million.

Ali Al-Nuaimi, who is the director of Prime Minister Maeen Abdul Malik’s office, was arrested after airport authorities discovered the large sum of money in a bag.

Ali had refused to have his bag inspected on the grounds that he was carrying a diplomatic passport.

According to the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, “a properly marked diplomatic bag has diplomatic immunity from search and seizure.”

Ali was said to be on his way to transfer the funds to a realtor on behalf of the Yemeni prime Minister who will help in purchasing two flats in Cairo worth $1.2 million each.

Last month, Egyptian Prime Minister Moustafa Madbouli received his Yemeni counterpart in Cairo where they held a joint press conference.

Madbouli affirmed his country’s support for Yemeni stability and unity stating: “Yemen’s security is a national security for Egypt and the entire Arab nation […] we offer great support for treating Yemeni citizens and for thousands of students in Egypt.”

“The Egyptian government rejects all forms of regional intervention from non-Arab countries in Yemen, as those interventions destabilise and complicate the Yemeni scene,” he added

Healso reaffirmed Egypt’s support for the Saudi-led coalition which militarily intervened in Yemen five years ago.

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