Israel halts fuel shipments to Gaza over fire balloon launches

by MCR Correspondent

Israel said it has stopped shipments of fuel into Gaza, following the endless launching of incendiary by Palestinians on the Israel frontier which has burned tracks of farmland.

While disclosing this in a statement on Thursday August 13, 2020, a defense ministry said that fuel shipments were stopped “in light of the continued launching of incendiary balloons from the Strip toward Israel and of the undermining of security stability.”

In their attempt to push Israel to ease its blockade of Gaza, Palestinians in parts of the territory where Hamas group holds sway, have thrown dozens of helium balloons loaded with incendiary materials.

Gaza with its two million depends on Israel for most of its energy and could be hard hit by the Israel’s decision to halt fuel shipments.

According to Fawzi Barhoum, a Hamas spokesperson, the decision is grave act of aggression that could potentially increase economic hardship in Gaza.

Similarly, a Gaza’s main power distribution company official, Mohammad Thabet, said, with the halt in fuel shipments, Gaza would see much electricity cuts as the move could shut down its main power plant.

Gaza at the moment enjoys six hours of electricity followed by a ten hour electricity cut.

Israel has earlier disclosed that it has responded to the balloons as it confirmed its warplanes and tanks had struck Hamas facilities.

Meanwhile Israel had shut down main commercial crossing in Gaza and cut short the fishing area for Palestinians.

According to Israeli military, a school building was damaged in its strikes on Hamas military targets placed in heavily populated areas.

Israel has over the years been exercising full control of its border crossing with Gaza while at the same time imposed naval blockade.

Since 2008 Israel and Hamas have fought three wars worsened by the blockade of Gaza.

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