Muslim Group seeks end to hate speech, religious intolerance in Nigeria

by MCR Correspondent

The Muslim Media Watch Group of Nigeria has called for an end to incessant hate speeches caused by ethnic and religious intolerance that has dominated the country.

Ibrahim Abdullahi, the National Coordinator of MMWG stated this in a press statement released on Tuesday August 18, 2020.

Abdullahi stated that while political gladiators festing their own nests for selfish and personal interests, some Nigerian elite promote and fan embers of religious and ethnic parochialism in order to “overheat the polity and play to the gallery for pecuniary interests.”

“It is on this basis that we condemn in strong terms inflammatory statements credited to Dr.Obadiah Mailafiya opining that the Grand-Commander of Boko-Haram insurgency in Nigeria is a serving Governor in the Northern part of Nigeria,”

Mr Ibrahim explained that he was invited by the State Security Service following the statement of Dr. Obadiah who claimed that he heard that a “Governor in the North was the Commander of Boko-Haram” from a fulani market.

Dr Obadiah said that on a Radio interview with Nigeria Info on 99.3 FM!

Mr Ibrahim while condemning the act he said that “This development is worrisome and unpatriotic! For a man of his calibre to say this is nothing but an irresponsible statement capable of promoting disaffection, chaos and instability!”

“To appreciate our assertion, a retired Chief of Army Staff – few days after the falsehood and vituperation of Obadiah took to a National Daily to name a serving Governor as a Commander of Book Haram,” he wrote

“He alledgedly predicated his views on personal interaction with that person while he was serving COAS even though that person was not a Governor then!

“One could see that personal animosities are gradually being developed to add to humongous problems we are facing presently,” he added.

The National Coordinator continued that the country is gradually being turned to a state of lawlessness “where some elites serving or retired say all sorts of nonsense under the cover of being ‘ex-this, ex-that’!”

He urged that the law must take its normal course as it is for the ordinary citizens who are being purnished for their offences!

Meanwhile, the Muslim Media Watch Group of Nigeria Coordinator warns that careless, senseless and irresponsible statements must be checked to avert political, ethnic and religious crises.

He stated that this could only be done if those found culpable are made to face the law either as individual, Organisation or Group.

MMWG has thus called for disengagement of Obadiah Mailafiya from National Institute of Policy and Strategic Studies (NIPSS) Kuru – Jos where he is serving now, as his conduct and philosophy negate the principles and objectives of setting-up the great Institute.

The coordinator has also called for justice against political thugs and their sponsors if the next elections in Ondo and Edo states turn out bloody.

He claimed that perpetrators of evils during the past elections which claimed many lives went scot-free.

“Up till today, nobody was charged nor punished. If this malady continues, thugs, election saboteurs would continue to have field day,” he stated.

He urged that youth caught perpetrating evil acts be arrested and presented as a form of lesson for others who might want to trail the same path.

He also urged parents and guardians in the two states to warn their children and wards to desist from serving any politician negatively.

“We advise the Inspector-General of Police to ensure that in those two States, anti-crime teams should be positioned in each locality where voting is taking place apart from those providing security and surveillance in the Polling Zones in-oder to make arrest of criminals easy during elections!” the coordinator advised.

“This time, nobody should go scot-free after commiting crimes during elections as election is not a war,” he concluded.

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