Afghanistan pushes Taliban to free hostage soldiers

by MCR Correspondent

The government of Afghanistan has said that it won’t release the remaining 320 insurgents in prison until the Taliban releases 22 captive members of the special forces.

Afghanistan’s National Security Council spokesman, Jawed Faisal, in a statement demanded the Taliban to release the captive members of the commando forces without any further delay.

“There are no changes to the (peace) plan. The Taliban will have to release our commandos held by them before the government resumes the release of the remaining 320 Taliban prisoners,” he said.

Faisal added that it is now on the Taliban to take action and help the peace efforts produce the “expected outcome”.

This comes as the upset Afghan peace conference borders on the drowsy prison swap testing tolerance of the whimsical warring parties.

Prior this month, at a remarkable unsettled “Loya Jirga” of more than 3,000 people of note from the nation over loaned their weight behind the administration’s require a changeless truce, the arrival of Taliban detainees against universal ensures that the agitators would not fall back on viciousness once more, and start intra-Afghan talks..

The government has released over 4,600 Taliban inmates according to local media, but some 320 charged with serious crimes remain in custody.

Amid stalled peace talks, the Taliban and Afghan security forces continued to engage in deadly fighting with both sides claiming to have inflicted a heavy toll on the opposite side.

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