Pakistani opposition groups unite to oppose khan, denounce military

by MCR Correspondent

The Pakistani opposition groups have united to launch a new platform and begin protests against Prime Minister Imran Khan’s government.

They have agreed also to make a rare denunciation of the military for meddling.

In a statement signed by the parties on September 20, 2020, they announced a single platform, the Pakistan Democratic Movement, to begin nationwide agitation and possibly culminate a January march on the capital Islamabad.

The Pakistan Democratic Movement said the military rigged the 2018 elections to install Khan.

“The (military) establishment should stop every kind of interference in politics forthwith,” they said.

Nawaz Sharif, former prime Minister said, “Our struggle is against those who have brought Imran Khan (to power). ”

However, the Information Minister Shibli Faraz said the opposition was “ganging up” to pressure the government to close corruption cases, which he said would not happen.

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