Palestine: Yasmin Jaber’s family denies Israeli claims

by MCR Correspondent

The family of Yasmin Jaber imprisoned by Israel has denied her involvement with Hezbollah and Iran’s Al-Quds Brigades.

In a media statement on September 20, 2020, the family said, “We strongly condemn the false Israeli claims against our daughter Yasmin Jaber.”

Yasmin Jaber was arrested by the Israeli occupation forces on 4th of August and was investigated for 40 days.

Till date, she denies the Israeli accusations.

The family continued that “The Israeli investigators have failed to prove their allegations and our daughter remains resilient.”

They stressed that the Israeli claims reported in the media are intended to divert attention from the failure of Israeli intelligence following her attendance at a Hezbollah conference in Lebanon five years ago.

According to the Israeli claims, Jaber travelled back to Lebanon in 2016 and was introduced to senior officials from Al-Quds Brigades.

She was, Israeli intelligence agents claim, tasked to carry out “terror” attacks against Israeli targets.

When she was arrested, Israeli media reported that the intelligence agencies had uncovered a secret Hezbollah and Iranian cell operating in Jerusalem.

The domestic intelligence agency, Shin Bet, said that Yasmin Jaber was arrested over alleged connections to this cell.

Responding to these claims the family said that she is innocent.

“My sister could never have done anything that harms herself or us,” insisted Jaber’s sister Shorouq.

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