NBCI excommunicates member Sylvester Ofori over murder of wife

by MCR Correspondent

The National Black Church Initiative (NBCI), a coalition of 34,000 churches representing 27.7 million African Americans, has condemned Sylvester Ofori who shot and brutally killed his wife in Orlando, Fla.

According to the statement released on Friday September 25, 2020, Ofori’s action illustrates the fact that he was never called to Christ’s ministry and he is and always has been a false teacher working for Satan trying to destroy the body of Christ on earth.

The statement reports that he shot his wife in the head and stood over her lifeless body and continue to shoot her.

“The entire Christendom is ashamed of his action. This is not the first time a false teacher who is possessed of Satan masqueraded as a minister who has killed and it will not be the last time.

“God through our Lord and Savior is pulling back the covers and revealing the true nature of all false teachers who sought to kill God’s people.

“It is these open acts of evil that are the reason God is allowing the coronavirus to engulf the earth,” the statement reads.

It adds that the reason why NBCI is taking this extraordinary step is to make sure that those who are unbelievers and enemies of Christ who believe that church people can get away with anything even murder just by saying I am sorry do not understand the Christian faith.

“The Church has the authority and the will to ban and punish false teachers.

“And most importantly, we do not want this evil act to undermines the righteousness of Christ Church and 99% of the Holy ministries who suffer the blood of Christ everyday thought their great work and preaching to God’s people,” it continues.

While speaking about the incident, Rev. Anthony Evans, President of the National Black Church Initiative said, “Today, We take the unusual step to speak as a bishop by the authority of the Christ Church to excommunicated Sylvester Ofori from the Christian ministry.

“We are therefore stripping him of all titles, rights, and privileges affronted under the Christian Church.”

He added that it would be recorded “this day forward that he has never been a minister of God but a worker for Satan. In no way, are we condemning him to hell. We do not have that authority. We are also not saying that he cannot be restored to Christ Jesus by grace and mercy through forgiveness of all of his sins.”

He explained that the Holy Scriptures make it very clear that redemption cannot happen if he does not repent for his sins in -Christ Jesus.

“Only God through Christ can forgive and grant salvation- the church does not have that authority but only to declare God‘s love for all of humanity,” he concluded.

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