Israel bans fur trade, excludes hat for Orthodox Jews

by MCR Correspondent

Israel has announced plans to ban the buying and selling of animal furs, apart from those used to make hats for Orthodox Jews.

The announcement by the country’s Environmental Protection Ministry on Tuesday October 6, 2020, makes it the first country to implement than plan.

While announcing the plans for new regulations, Environmental Protection Minister Gila Gamliel said “The use of skin and fur for the fashion industry was “immoral.”

“This morning we launched an important initiative to ban the fur trade,” she added

Gamliel also said she hoped other nations would soon follow.

Special permits would, however, be considered for businesses selling shtreimel hats worn by married Orthodox Jewish men.

According to the Humane Society, every year around 100 million animals are farmed and killed on intensive fur farms to supply the fashion industry while unknown millions are trapped and killed for their fur in the wild, mainly in the US, Canada and Russia.

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