Palestinian Authority warns Israel about hunger striker in Israeli prison

by MCR Correspondent

The Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority has warned Israel about the hunger-striker, Maher Al-Akhras, who has been refusing food for 79 days in an Israeli prison.

Mohammad Shtayyeh told his cabinet on 13th of October, 2020 that the “hunger-striker is in a critically serious ondition.”

Shtayyeh called on the international community to “put pressure on the Israeli occupation authorities to stop the illegal punishment represented by administrative detention” which sees Israel holding Palestinian prisoners for an indefinite period with neither charge nor trial.

The prime Minister pointed out that Israel is holding at least 350 Palestinians in its prisons under administrative detention.

Al-Akhras was held on 27 July, 2019 and detained under the cruel and inhuman system after harsh interrogation.

He is on hunger strike in protest at his detention.

Last week, his wife Taghreed joined his protest in an attempt to highlight his case.

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