Bilal Philips recovers from Covid-19, joins Muslims to condemn Macron’s policies against Islam in France

by MCR Correspondent

An Islamic scholar, Dr Bilal Phillips, has condemned the vicious Islamophobic attacks against Muslims in France.

While expressing her displeasure about the serial attacks, Philips, who just recovered from Covid-19 infection, said the claim of the French President, Emmanuel Macron would never be tolerated.

Appreciating Allah for the speedy recovery from Covid-19 infection, Philips said, “A lot has happened in the past few weeks while I was hospitalized with a severe case of Covid 19.

“Al-hamdulillaah, Allah cured me due to your many Duaa (prayers) which have been a source of strength for both myself and my family. May Allah bless you all and keep you and your families safe. Ameen!”

He added that “On the other hand, I stand in solidarity with my brothers and sisters in Islam to condemn the most recent vicious islamophobic attacks against Islam and Muslims.

“French President Macron’s claim that posting of derisive cartoons of the Prophet is an expression of “Freedom of Speech” is ludicrous and would never be tolerated if they were against any other religion,” Bilal wrote on his Facebook page on Thursday November 12, 2020.

He, however, stated that the revenge killings in France and elsewhere committed by misguided ignorant Muslims, are totally rejected by Islam.

Bilal also urged Muslims across the globe to boycott all French products in solidarity with the Muslims brothers and sisters in France.

He explained further that he would instead “strongly support the immediate response of President Erdogan, and other Muslim countries in calling for and implementing a boycott of French products”.

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