Saudi Arabia, Al-Azhar condemn terrorist attack in Nigeria

by MCR Correspondent

Egypt’s leading Islamic institution, Al-Azhar has expressed its strong condemnation of the heinous terrorist incident carried out by Boko Haram militant group in the northern Nigeria.

While expressing its sympathy for the lost souls, Al-Azhar stated it is disheartening that a group could slaughter at least 40 rice farmers and fishermen while they were harvesting crops in Nigeria’s northern Borno State.

Al-Azhar affirmed that such brutal terrorist crimes by Boko Haram, especially in this region, is evidence that those terrorists are away from the principles of tolerant religions.

It stressed the need for a serious and decisive confrontation to eliminate these terrorist groups and put an end for their evils.

Al-Azhar offered condolences to the families of the victims, wishing speedy recovery for the injured people.

Meanwhile, Dr. Shawqi Allam, the grand Mufti of the Republic, condemned the brutal terrorist crime committed by the “Boko Haram” terrorist group.

Also, Saudi Arabia condemned in the strongest terms on Monday the terrorist attack that targeted civilians.

The Foreign Ministry offered its condolences to the families of the victims and the Nigerian government and people.

It reiterated the Kingdom’s support to Nigeria as it combats such heinous acts that aim to destabilize security.

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