Some Americans are calling for civil war over  presidential election — Khalid Latif

by MCR Correspondent

Khalid Latif has alleged that some people are calling for civil war over the results other United States presidential election.

While disclosing this via his Facebook page on Thursday December 10, 2020, Latif stated that those calling for the war “are not fighting for or against the preservation of democracy.”

He stressed that the people are only fighting for the preservation of whiteness.

“We should remember that the American civil war was catalyzed in large part by individuals who had no qualms with 620,000 people being killed so long as their belief that black people were considered property that could be bought and sold was protected.

“And this belief was not just understood as a religious right, but also a sign of progress, intelligence, and advancement — a sign of their supremacy,” Latif wrote on his Facebook page.

He urged Americans to remember that “it is now 2020 and there are still so many people who have the same supremacist mindset as their ancestors did.”

“How civilized could a society actually be that would allow something as uncivil as war to be called civil? 78 million votes should tell us where we stand in terms of values and ethics,” he said.

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