Nigeria: 9-year-old girl defeats 31 others to win overall prize in Qur’an, Hadith competition

by MCR Correspondent

A 9-year-old girl, Nuroh Nasir, has won the overall prize of the 2020 edition of the Faith Unites Muslims Charity Initiatives (FUMCI)’s Children Award for Excellence in Qur’an recitation and Islamic practice 2020.

Nuroh emerged winner in the overall category held in Lagos on Sunday December 20, 2020.

While disclosing this, Ustadh AndulMuiz Zubayr, the FUMCI’s Amir, commended all the contestants for their outstanding performance.

He stated that the competition is aimed at rewarding excellence in Qur’an recitation and Islamic practice.

Nuroh who represented Ketu, Alapere in Ikosi-Isheri LCDA, in Lagos State, emerged the overall winner in the 2020 edition of the competition. She defeated 31 other contestants from the five divisions of Lagos state to clinch the grand prize of N100,000, a Silver Crest SC 1589 blender and other consolation prizes.

The sixth edition of the annual competition themed, ‘Recipe for the making of Godly children’, was held in conjunction with the Rt. Hon. Adeyemi Sabit Ikuforiji foundation under the spiritual guidance of Sheikh Abdul Razak Mubasir Aafaakala.

The contestants drawn from the five divisions of Lagos state competing for prizes in Adab, Salat, Fiqh, Qur’an, Hadeeth and the overall best category.

Speaking at the event, the Mudir, Darul-Naim Schools, Sheikh Abdul Majeed Imran Eleha, highlighted steps to be taken in the upbringing of righteous children.

The cleric noted that the first stage is to select a pious partner before the marriage takes place.

He added that the kind of partner one chooses would determine the type of children one would have.

He said, “Couples who desire righteous children must carefully select their partner. The kind of partner you choose and the moral uprightness and the level of religiosity of both partners are the determinants of the kind of children you will beget.

“You must make findings about the family background with a special focus on how religious they are in their family.

“Less emphasis should be placed on beauty, wealth, and influence but we should be on the lookout for his/her closeness to Allah in worship because whatever his/her inadequacies are will be taken care of by the religion.

“So if you desire a righteous child, go for a man or woman that has both religious and good morals.”

He said the second step is for Nikkah to be organised according to the dictate of Shariah, adding that this entails the intending spouse with his family to seek the consent of the parents of the woman in marriage in the presence of witnesses from both families.

Sheik added that the consent of the parents is very important. The third requirement, according to him, for a righteous child after Nikkai is for the husband to supplicate to Allah for the good of the marriage and ward off all evils.

He said, “This is the Sunnah of the prophet. All these three steps are to be taken prior to rearing children.”

During the presentation of prizes to winners, Amir of FUMCI, Ustadh AbdulMuiz Zubayr commended all the contestants for their brilliance and also their parents for exposing the children to Islamic and Quran knowledge.

He noted that lack of adequate understanding of the Qur’an and Hadiths of the Prophet of Islam is the cause of moral decadence among Muslim children and youths.

The Amir, however, encouraged parents and guardians to enrol their children and wards in Quran institutions that truly promote the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad.

He said, “I commend all the winners in all the five categories particularly in the Qur’an and hadith categories for the display of excellent recitation skills in Quran recitation and commentary on Hadith.

“I pray Almighty Allah to continue to guide them and increase them in knowledge. I, therefore, urge all our parents to prioritize the learning of the Qur’an and Hadith for our children to excel in this world and in the hereafter.

“And to our sponsors and supporters, particularly, Rt. Hon Ikuforiji, Barr Shina Sofola and our highly revered life patron, Sheikh Abdurazak Aafakaala and the Akeredolu family for their supports over the years.

“We beseech Allah to protect and reward them accordingly.”

Other winners in each of the category include: Zainab Akinola won the first prize in Salat, Umar Akinola won the first prize in Qur’an category, Haleemah Mohammed won the first prize in Adab, Fiqh category won by Abdulmalik Quasim and Nuroh Nasir won the prize for Hadith category and overall prize category.

Contestants were showered with prizes ranging from cash gifts to home appliances.

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