Nigeria: NASFAT Youth Wing Lagos Zone 1 inaugurates executive council

by MCR Correspondent

By Akeem Alao

Nasrul-lahi-l-Fati Society Youth Wing Lagos Zone 1 has inaugurated a new zonal executive council.

The inauguration, which took place on Saturday April 10, 2021, began with a lecture by the Society’s national Amir, Alhaji Kabir Raji.

In his lecture titled, “Strategies for Membership Engagement”, Raji classified the members into three categories — active, non active and nonchalant members.

Dissolution of old executive members

He enjoined NASFAT leadership to actively engage all members in order to get the best out of them. He said the uniqueness of individual member must be identified in order to know where they fit in.

The Amir added that such engagement would attract quality members to the Society.Kabir, stated that leadership begins from the branch and extends to the zone before the national level.

In his words, “Membership engagement in a non-profit-making and religious organization such as NASFAT, is a difficult task.”

He added, “If a good membership engagement strategy is adopted, New and quality members will be attracted. We will also sustain the old ones.”

Kabir said only active members would get involved in events and activities organized by NASFAT. He maintained that the youth should be given the opportunity to introduce new initiatives and ideas that will improve the activities of the Society.

Presentation of certificate to a new coordinator

While stating the benefits of membership engagement, Kabir noted that it would increase revenue, and the number of members participating in the event organized.

“Leaders must create personal connections among members; they must facilitate online programs that will attract new members,” the Amiruh said.

Dissolving the old executive members, the national Amir commended their commitment to NASFAT. He said they had contributed immensely to the Society. He therefore prayed that Allah continue to guide and protect them.

The induction / inaguration of the new executive council was anchored and cordinated by Youth National Executives Council at the zonal secretariat at Fashoro, Surulere Lagos State.

Induction of new executive members

Having successfully gone through Shurah committee evaluation process, Zonal Youth Advisory Council and final ratification by the Youth National Executive Council, the new Zonal Coordinator, Quam Olowu, in his acceptance speech thanked almighty Allah for the opportunity to serve in the position.

He commended the success and groundbreaking achievements of the immediate past Exco led by Mallam MB Ali and prayed Allah to reward them in this world and hereafter.

Quam assured and promised that the new exco will build on the track record to take Lagos zone 1 and Nasfat in general to a greater height. He pledged to promote NEC goal and its agenda – health, education, livelihood and Da’wah.

Induction of new executive members

He therefore enjoined all the new executive council members to see their selection as a privilege, trust and a call to serve Allah. He prayed Allah to lead, direct and ease the task for all Exco members.

Expressing gratitude to the executive members, Hassan Oyewoga, Zonal PRS, NYW Lagos Zone 1 said, “As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.”

“Our sincere appreciation goes to the Zone 1 Executives Council, Zone 1 Advisory council, YNEC and all members of Zone 1 for their support towards the success of the inauguration program.

“May it speak for us and not against us on the day of Qiyamah. Aameen.”

Listed below are the names of the new zonal executive council.

1) Bro. Quaam Olowu —Zonal Coordinator
2) Bro. Sulaiman Alebiosu — Zonal Assistant Coordinator
3) Bro. Ridwanullahi Amoo O — Zonal Secretary
4) Bro. Noah Daud—
Zonal Assistant Secretary
5) Sis. Kifayah Adefowope — Zonal Ameerah
6) Sis. Bilqees Jimoh — Zonal Noibah Ameerah
7), Bro. Oyewoga Hassan Babatunde —Zonal Public Relationship Secretary
8) Bro. Fatah Muh’Yahkub — Zonal Financial Secretary
9) Sis. Fatimah Egbebi Owodehinde — Zonal Treasury Secretary
10) Ustadh Saheed Adelaja — Zonal Head of Da’wah
11) Sis. Kifayah Kuku — Zonal Welfare Secretary
12) Bro. Ismaheel Balogun — Zonal Empowerment Secretary
13) Bro. Kehinde Alatishe —Zonal Ex-Officio 1
14) Sis. Bilqees kudaisi — Zonal Ex-Officio 2

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Nurudeen Abeebah Ajoke April 12, 2021 - 3:00 pm

May Allah ease the task ahead bijahi Rosul Hearty Congratulations to the new executives of Lagos Zone 1 Warafanohu Mokana Aliyah Aameen

Nurudeen Abeebah Ajoke April 12, 2021 - 3:02 pm

May Allah ease the task ahead bijahi Rosul Hearty Congratulations to the new executives of Lagos Zone 1 Warafanohu Mokana Aliyah Allahumo Aameen


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