Ramadan Guide: Make Hay

by MCR Correspondent

By Femi Abbas


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The similitude of Ramadan, among the five pillars of Islam, is like that of a faculty with many departments in the University of life. Its template for emulation and continuation of life, with decency, is indelible.

For genuine Muslims, concessional admission into that faculty is both conditional and competitive. Whoever is lucky to gain admission into the faculty, in a year, should endeavour to live up to the tutorials therein and practically upgrade his/her Grade Point Aggregate (GPA) for spiritual uplift.

Such a Muslim must always remember that the continuation of life after graduating from the faculty of Ramadan will strictly depend on the GPA scored during the time spent when the faculty was in session. There is neither an alternative nor a short cut.

A Review

Looking at Ramadan critically, an understanding Muslim will discover that no other pillar of Islam summarizes that divine religion, temporally and spiritually, as this third pillar does. From all conceivable angles, Ramadan seems to be the spiritual incubator for all other pillars with a safe delivery assurance.

While Ramadan takes the stage as a spiritual grandeur, no other pillar can be excluded in the practice of Islam during its tenure. Ramadan stands out, vertically, as the gate keeper of a Muslim’s ultimate abode called Al-Jannah.

To deviate from the relevant norm of that sacred month after its departure, therefore, is to cultivate satanic friendship with the accursed Iblis. Who knows what is next for a Muslim after Ramadan? Sickness may come. Accident may occur. Death may strike. If any of these happens, what will become the recourse? Life is ephemeral.

No one is sure of witnessing another Ramadan. Thus, whoever is fortunate to have partaken in this year’s Ramadan fast should consider it the needed sunshine with which to photosynthesize the plants of his/her life and make hay from it for posterity.

Don’t Forget

Any pious Muslim who sincerely fasted in the 1442 AH Ramadan must remember the various activities he/she underwent in that sacred month. The endurance of hunger and thirst in the days of that month; the time spent in reciting the Qur’an; the rigour of Tarawih and Tahajjud as well as that of Sahur in the nights of Ramadan cannot and should not be easily forgotten.

The tolerance of unwarranted insults from certain infidels; the sympathy for the handicapped and underprivileged which warranted giving charity from time to time and the patience with which all these were carried out must be considered as elements of the spiritual GPA scored in Ramadan. They must not be in vain.

Gold Never Rusts

Gold is a special ornament that requires a geologist to discover and dig out from its dwelling place beneath the earth. It also requires the service of a smelter who will prepare it for a goldsmith that will turn it into an admirable ornament. And, by the time gold is ornamentally ready in full regalia, there will no more be any question about the value of its worth. Although it could be taken through the furnace in that process, the final outcome is what matters most.

The similitude of a Muslim that goes through the month of Ramadan with good intention is like that of gold which will never rust after its baptism of fire. Islam is full of parables for people who can reason.


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