Saudi to prosecute 9 people for collection of donations to drill wells

by MCR Correspondent

The Ministry of Commerce has referred nine citizens to the relevant authority at the Ministry of Interior for their referral to the Public Prosecution after it found out that these individuals collected donations for drilling wells outside the Kingdom.

The ministry said in a statement on Tuesday May 25, 2021, that the violators created websites, claiming the legality of their actions by publishing commercial registration numbers of their establishments.

It affirmed that the only authorized charitable body for receiving donations outside the Kingdom is the King Salman Center for Relief and Humanitarian Work (KSrelief).

It is noteworthy that the Presidency of State Security issued a statement recently warning citizens as well as residents against collecting funds and donations to contribute to charitable work outside the Kingdom in an irregular manner.

“Ministry of Commerce warned against dealing with any violating commercial establishments that seek donations and collect money for digging water wells outside the Kingdom, while claiming to have licenses issued by the Ministry of Commerce,” the statement says.

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