Israeli-Palestine Discord: MID calls Muslim leaders to emergency meeting

by MCR Correspondent

The Mission of Muslims Israel Dialogue in New York has invited Muslim leaders to an emergency meeting to address the discord between Israel and Palestine.

The invitation was contained in a statement signed on Monday May 31, 2021.

“This is to inform and invite you to an emergency meeting this Wednesday morning concerning the current issues emanating from the Holy Land.

“All Muslim leaders are cordially invited to this upcoming brainstorming session on zoom,” the invitation reads.

It adds that the meeting is aimed at advocating for a two-state coexistence.

“Palestinians must have their state in their homeland. Israel must be fully embraced by the Muslim world.”

It further states the New Abraham Accord is supported so that Jews are welcome to every Muslim nation as brothers and sisters, vice versa.

“We support the Holy Land through love not hatred. We’ve been mischaracterized, insulted and threatened, but that’s nothing compared to what our brothers and sisters are going through in Gaza and Israeli families under continued threats from rackets.”

Interested Muslims could send an email to to participate in the meeting.

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