OIC chief urges focus on education, food security at summit

by MCR Correspondent

The Secretary-General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Dr. Yousef Al-Othaimeen, has called for a focus on education, food security.

Al-Othaimee said this at the second Islamic Summit on Science and Technology virtually hosted by the UAE under the theme “Science, Technology and Innovation: Opening New Horizons.”

During a speech at the summit, Al-Othaimeen said, “The OIC member states have made positive progress in the recent period, as the number of scientific publications increased by 34 percent, and the value of technology exports from OIC countries increased by 32 percent.”

He added that major funds had invested in the field of higher education in all OIC countries, and many member states have initiated large scientific projects, which involve artificial intelligence, green cities in Saudi Arabia, renewable energy and the digital economy.

Al-Othaimeen also drew attention to a space probe that the UAE developed which is successfully orbiting Mars, in addition to other pioneering technological projects across OIC member states.

He called for practical steps to confront challenges that hinder scientific development, and to make full use of all available capabilities to achieve technological development, and bring about social and economic progress in member states.

The secretary-general highlighted the need for inter-Islamic cooperation and partnerships in education by increasing academic interaction and exchanging knowledge through scholarships and research visits.

Speaking on sustainable food security, Al-Othaimeen said that OIC member states are facing challenges in the form of competing demands for resources, climate change and low productivity due to lack of mechanization.

“As a result, there is an urgent need to enhance investment in agricultural science and research, as well as seek innovation in developing new types of crops,” he added.

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