Muslim women are nation builders, good role models — Hajia Kifayah Adefowope

by MCR Correspondent

The Amirah of the Youth Wing Lagos Zone 1 of Nasrullahi Fathiu Society, (NASFAT), Hajia Kifayah Adefowope, has described Muslim women as nation builders and good role models to other women, including non-Muslims.

The Amirah disclosed this at the Sisters’ Seminar held on Saturday September 4, 2021, at the Nasfat Lagos Island branch.

According to her, the theme for this year’s seminar, “The Safe Space”, was purposely chosen to reiterate the roles of Muslim women and also to create a ‘safe space’ for themselves.

Speaking on the roles of pious women in the reformation of society, marriage, sexual intercourse, bathing and shrouding of the dead among others, Adefowope noted that women are determinants of growth.

She said that building a nation and promoting growth was a function of the level of piety of the women in such a nation.

Participants at the seminar

“I am glad to Almighty Allah who has allowed us to be here today to address important issues such as infertility,

“Islamic women are the role model for all non-Islamic women. She does not only accept Islam but also practice all its teaching,” she said.

She added, “Also, we must all be reminded that marriage has been regarded by the Prophet as half of our deen. A Muslim should not be part of those who think marriage is not a must.

“We must all work towards having our partners in an acceptable way. While in marriage, we must be very careful with refusing our husbands sex because our private part has become rightful to them since the tying of the knot. If you must refuse your husband of sex, have a good reason and make him see the reason.”

Youth at the seminar

While speaking about death, with references to the words of Allah, the Amirah stated that “Our end abode as Muslims is the grave. The greatest reality is that all souls shall taste death.”

“We don’t know who is next. We must always see it as our responsibility to stand out to bath and shroud the dead. Remember that a day will come when we all will not be able to bathe ourselves.

“Lovely sisters, I leave us all with the already said words of remembrance to better our rights and right our wrong,” she said.

She further explained that infertility is another rampant case affecting many Muslims’ homes.

Branch representatives at the event

Amirah said, “Research has it that around 10% of Nigerian couples are battling infertility issues. This poses a great responsibility to us as Muslims. The least we can do is to ensure that we do not make the childless around us feel bad for being childless.”

She appealed to the sisters to console those battling infertility.

“In any way you can, keep their company and consistently feed them with the words of Allah,” she appealed.

She stated that Islam enjoins the couple to accept fate if the case is beyond cure.

She added that science has made it known that there are other ways outside the mating of husband and wife that could lead to the bearing of children. “For instance, artificial insemination which is allowed in Islam.”

“This artificial insemination requires a lot of money. Hence, a reason why some of our Muslims are childless today. Allah is indeed the sole giver of children but efforts must be made.

“Dear mothers and fathers, one of our responsibility as Muslims are to wipe out the tears of our fellow Muslims based on what Allah has provided for us,” she said.

A section of participants

She concluded with a reference from one of the Hadith of Prophet Muhammad.

“The Prophet (SAW) said we are not true Muslims until we want for our brothers and sisters in Islam what we want for ourselves,” She concluded.

At the event were branch executive members, branch Amirs and Amirahs, including other Muslim sisters and brothers.

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