Letitia James condemns proposed merger of healthcare in New York, issues lawsuit

by MCR Correspondent

The New York State Attorney General, Letitia James, has filed a lawsuit against proposed merger of UnitedHealth Group and Change Healthcare.

While condemning the merger via her Facebook page on Saturday February 26, 2022, the AG stated that the merger will hurt Americans.

“The proposed merger of UnitedHealth Group and Change Healthcare will hurt Americans, bringing lower quality healthcare services at a higher cost for New Yorkers and people across the country,” James said.

She added, “My office is filing a lawsuit with The United States Department of Justice and Attorney General Keith Ellison to block this merger.”

She stated further that insurance companies should not be trying to dominate the market during a devastating pandemic.

“We will fight to ensure New Yorkers can benefit from competitive healthcare markets and have access to quality, affordable healthcare services,” the AG said.

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