New York City holds inaugural Asian American and Pacific Islander heritage parade


New York City has held the first Asian American and Pacific Islander Cultural and Heritage Parade

According to a report, the event on Sunday May 15, 2022, happens to be the first ever celebration.

The event was full of crowd.Thousands of people marched, sang, displayed different kind of dance and cheered along Sixth Avenue, celebrating the diversity and strength of the AAPI community.

Speaking about the event, Mayor Eric Adams said, “You are very much part of the fiber of this city.”

He highlighted the obstacles Asian American New Yorkers have faced since the beginning of the pandemic.

“We stand against Asian hate, we stand against anti-Semitism, we stand against hate to other groups, our brothers and sisters in the Sikh community,” Adams said. “Hate has no place in New York City or New York State.”

According to the information from NYPD, there were 131 hate crimes targeting Asians in New York last year.

“It’s very essential to feel the acknowledgment, the acceptance of the city. I’ve never seen anything like this. It’s wonderful to be a part of,” Cindy Madej, who attended the parade with her husband Marcin and son Matthew, said.

“This is why we live in New York, to have all this cultural diversity and this is what New York City is all about,” Marcin Madej said.

“It means everything. It means I could walk down these streets that myself, my family, my son should be here,” Cindy Madej said.

The AAPI community is one of the most diverse in the city, representing more than 30 ethnic groups and speaking 50 languages.

Parade goers said it’s time for New York leadership to look more like the communities they serve.

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