Asian-American history curriculum to be studied in all 1,600 public schools in NYC

by abdulafeezoo

Officials announced Thursday a plan to include Asian-American history in the curriculum of over 1,600 public schools in New York City.

The plan will be effective this fall, with a wider rollout planned for 2024.

The lessons are part of the city’s roughly $200 million investment in Universal Mosaic, a curriculum under development that aims to provide more culturally representative lessons for the nearly 1 million students in the nation’s largest school system. .

The education department will also provide training for teachers on the lessons, likewise, buy books that reflect the AAPI experience.

Chancellor David Banks said the curriculum “honors all that our Asian American and Pacific Islander students and families contribute daily to our school communities and city.”

Asian-Americans make up the fastest growing racial group in New York City. Mayor Eric Adams said with the creation of the new curriculum, “we are listening to the people.”

There are also efforts at the state level to introduce more students to the contributions of the Asian community.

State Sen. John Liu has proposed legislation to require Asian American studies in schools. The bill is in committee.

Advocates are calling for $800,000 to be devoted to the statewide curriculum from a pot of $20 million that has already been approved for APPI causes.

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