Bronx courthouse suicide: Convict dies 8 days after suicide try

by abdulafeezoo


At a Bronx courthouse, a convict reportedly commited suicide and died eight days after the suicide try.

The city won’t count his passing as a death in custody because the man was granted compassionate release as he lay on his deathbed.

Antonio Bradley, 28, held on bail of $200,000 bond or $40,000 cash on weapons possession and other charges, tried to hang himself in a holding cell at Bronx Criminal Court on June 10.

He was put on life support at Lincoln Hospital, and his condition grew so dire the Correction Department granted him compassionate relief on June 15, a department spokeswoman said.

Bradley was still at Lincoln Hospital when he died Saturday, three days after he was freed from custody, said sources.

The Correction Department did not announce Bradley’s death, as is its custom when inmates die in custody, said his family’s lawyer, Cary London.

Also, London said, Bradley’s father had no idea his son had been released.

The captain and three other officers rushed to save Bradley’s life, the union said — noting that they cut Bradley down, performed CPR, and tried to revive him with a defibrillator.

The union’s president, Benny Boscio, praised the officers’ “outstanding work” and called it “a perfect illustration of the essential services we provide daily.” A union statement said Bradley was on the mend.

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