David Banks announces NYC’s new superintendents

by abdulafeezoo


Chancellor David Banks has announced New York City’s new superintendents on Monday.

The new superintendents will directly supervise principals across New York City.

Of the 45 superintendents, 14 will have new leadership.

Flanked by Mayor Eric Adams, Banks said the leaders he selected will have expanded authority.

“We set out to build a team of superintendents who are empowered in ways that they have not been in years,” Banks said, adding they would put the needs of students “front and center.”

Superintendents, who are often the face of the school system at local Community Education Council meetings, will soon have extra resources and control over more personnel.

The education department is dissolving borough offices that helped support schools, sending their staff to work directly under superintendents, essentially merging the department’s supervision and support systems. Banks said the superintendents will act as a “one-stop shop.”

However, the process of selecting new leadership has proved to be controversial — and some current superintendents did not make the cut.

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