New report reveals drop in probability of high school graduates pursuing 4-year degree program

by abdulafeezoo


A new report has revealed a drop in the probability of high school graduates pursuing a 4-year degree program.

According to ECMC Group, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping students succeed academically and professionally, the probability has dropped from 71% to 51% in the last two years.

The percentage of teens who believed education beyond high school was necessary also decreased.

As students and teachers reunited in classrooms this year, challenges remained: many still grieved over lost loved ones, battled mental health issues, and struggled to readapt to in-person learning.

For many students, the pandemic changed the course of their lives.

Increased stress and anxiety among students has led to a strong aversion to being in the classroom, one possible reason behind the rise of chronic absenteeism in NYC public schools.

While some high school graduates were able to continue moving forward, other students were not ready to return to normal and had difficulty transitioning because of multiple setbacks.

It was gathered that many students had to take care of ill relatives or work to financially support their families, as economic insecurity also soared during the pandemic.

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