365+ Acts: A Societal Guide to a Better World…


By Sheikh Moussa Drammeh


A Societal Guide to a Better World

Unless there is a spiritual renaissance, the world will know no peace. ~Dag Hammarskjold

Our world has been inundated with reports of hate, violent crimes, prejudice, abuses and other unfriendly acts committed against one another. Unfortunately, with the proliferation of ever-more instant modern communication tools, crimes and violence have been their biggest beneficiaries -receiving a non-stop all media publicity. Horrendous crimes are now receiving book offers and movie deals even during their court proceedings, making notorious Criminals legend, unscrupulous investors richer and prosecutors and defense Attorneys television actors, while at the same time exposing our families to all sorts of criminal elements from within.

Without minimizing the impact of societal violence, there is however far more good deeds being done everyday without much attention paid to them. Sadly, promoting the stories of good-doers has not been the interest of our media tycoons. To counter this unacceptable phenomenon, we decided to inspire a book of positive acts as a daily reference against the media’s nonstop promotion of violence and sex to our children. We believe this would help protect our youth from imitating criminals at the same time promoting peaceful coexistence in our communities. After all, we are all a family with a common ancestor, Adam.

This book again is intended to inspire us all to increase our noble acts, encourage others in doing the same, while make it a daily protection from the media’s over exposed unfriendly violent world. The book is open to the public for story submission. People can write their own humanitarian acts or that of other good-doers they know. There would be at least three hundred sixty five stories to provide the readers with at least one positive daily inspiration for the whole year. All submitted stories to this book become public property without any condition or price attached.

Is it commendable to publicize ones own good deeds in this book?

Yes. Deeds are rewarded according to intentions behind them. Our intention in this book is to inspire people to increase noble deeds on behalf of their fellow human beings, especially doing so in today’s relentless media promotion of all that is wrong with us. 365+ Acts is therefore an inspirational book of noble deeds, heroism and humanitarian acts for a daily reading by people of all ages. If we don’t tell our humanistic side, the media will continue to promote our evil ones. Whoever recommends and helps a good cause becomes a partner therein: And whoever recommends and helps an evil cause, shares in its burden…holy quran 4:85

365+Acts submission terms and conditions.

365+Acts story submission. All stories must be truthful, accurate, verifiable and original. All parties to the story must accept and approve their information, photos and deeds/acts to be freely, publicly and globally disseminated without any string/conditions attached. Further interviews, verifications and facts checking may be conducted, whenever necessary and without any compensation. There is no liability against 365+Acts, its publishers, staff, representatives or any of its affiliated persons and entities for exposure, contacts, relations, media profiling or any other disputes and breaches occurred from the 365+Acts publicized submitted stories.  No part of the 365+Acts may be used for commercial purpose without written approval from its publishers. The story language must be decent, uniting, peaceful, friendly, humanitarian, non- discriminatory, Godly and beneficial to the readers of all ages. The publishers have the right to reject, edit and rewrite any story to fit within the intended objectives of the book.  Minimum story write up is one full page and maximum ten pages (8.5 X 11). The story can be that of the submitter or written on behalf of third parties. Each story will be assigned a day in the year as they come in, starting from January 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc…

Do you agree with the above terms and conditions?   _______Yes    _______No. If yes, you can proceed with your submission.

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