15th journalist killed in Somalia


By Godfrey Olukya   1-10-2012

The  killing of journalists in Somalia is becoming a daily issue.Another journalists has been killed in Somalia’s capital Mogadishu.

That is the 5th journalists killed within the last 10 days and the 15th since this year started.

Ahmed Abdullahi Farah, reporter and cameraman for Yemen News Agency (SABA), was killed in a minibus at road-block manned by suspected Al-Shabaab militants in Dharkenley district in southern Mogadishu.

‘The thugs  killed Farah at a road-block  after he tried pull his camera to take some pictures. The armed men did not want their pictures to be taken. They shot him dead.’ said his relative Salim Farah. 

The journalists in Somalia have been shocked by the killing of journalists. Recently three were killed on the same day.

The secretary general of Somalia’s national union of journalists, Omar Faruk Osman said,’The killing of journalists should be stopped. This serial killing of journalists had never happened in our country and it is clearly premeditated campaign to eliminate Somalia’s journalists’ community. It is a media nightmare that requires urgent attention.’

Farah, 32, is the fifteenth journalist killed in Somalia since January this year and the sixth journalist murdered in Mogadishu in the last ten days.

The journalists have appealed to the Somali authorities and the African Union to take urgent action over their being killed.


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