Uganda’s uranium will not be used to kill



By Godfrey Olukya 13-12-2012

Large deposits of uranium have been discovered in Uganda but the east African
small country’s leader, Yoweri Museveni has vowed that it will not be used to kill people.

Apart from being used to generate power and medicine, uranium is also used in
making very destructive bombs. Some of the bombs which have killed people
in big numbers in the past years are made of uranium.

While addressing parliament today, Museveni said, ‘uranium has been discovered in several parts of the country. Among the aces where it is
are Tororo, Arua, Pakwach, Adjuman, Kitigum, Masindi Hoima, Fort-portal and Rukungiri. I have guided the concerned ministry that no uranuim should
be exported until when Uganda can use it for producing electricity, medicine and other peaceful areas other than killing people.’

Museveni said that even if the country has many sites on which hydro electricity dams can be constructed, the electricity that can be produced there can not be enough for all Ugandans and hence need to produce more using uranium.


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