10 killed in Kenyan tribal clashes


By Godfrey Olukya       9-1-2012

At least 10 people have been confirmed death in the fresh tribal clashes that took place today morning  in the troubled Tana River County .

Over twenty people also got injured. Most of the injured were cut by machetes.

According to the Tana River County chairman Gure Golo, the clashes occurred at remote Nduru village. He said that Orma community was attacked by Pokomos who had a fire arm.

Among those who have been killed are two Orma women, three men and a 14 yr old boy.Two Pokomos attackers were caught by the Ormo and killed by cutting their bodies into pieces.

Gure Golo condemned the police for not acting in time. He said they had informed police about the impending attack but it only responded after the clashes.

Golo said, ‘It was around 5.30 am when the armed Pokomos attacked the village which is only 1 km away from a police post situated at Semikaro. It is sad that the killings took place near a police. People are killed while the police that were mandated to bring peace fail to do so but surface after attacks.’

He requested police to do it’s work effectively instead of only responding after people have been killed.

Area police chief, Richard Mukwate said police will do all it can to get those responsible for the attacks. He said that the injured people were taken to Malindi District Hospital where they are being treated.

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