Malaria kills many in South Sudan

By Godfrey Olukya    29-4-2013

Malaria disease is responsible for 20 per cent of deaths in South Sudan, a report released by the country’s minister of health has revealed.

According to the report, at least 66, 000 people in South Sudan died from Malaria in 2012. Other killer diseases in the country include HIV-AIDs, diarrhea and non-communicable diseases.

Health Minister Michael Milly Hussein said those mostlel killed by malaraia in South Sudan are mostly pregnant women and children under five.’This constituted 20% of all deaths that year’. I call upon  the government to review its strategy in the fight against malaria. People should be taught how to use  insecticides as a preventative measure.’

United Nations Children’s Organization UNICEF will continue supporting the fight against malaria in South Sudan, said Yasmin Hague, the Country Director.


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